Tourism Siem Riep Cambodia discover mystery


Tourism Siem Riep Cambodia discover mystery, I have been on my third mystery tour now and have loved seeing parts of Cambodia,off the beaten track,

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Tourism Siem Riep Cambodia discover mystery

I have been on my third mystery tour now and have loved seeing parts of Cambodia, off the beaten track, not being the typical tourist but appreciating this beautiful country amd what it has to offer, in simplicity, uniqueness and beauty and charm. Please contact for a tour with Bun, you won’t be disappointed! My latest trip to Cambodia was made all the more memorable thanks to Bun and his Siem Reap Motor Mystery Tour! My friend and I met up with Bun who introduced us to his awesome Jeep and off we went. We spent the afternoon driving through villages on the outskirts of Siem Reap where everyday Kmer people went about their day to day business. Children lined the red earth roads eagerly smiling and waving as we passed through. We witnessed a Kmer family receiving a water blessing – a truly authentic and special experience.  The mystery tour was a great way to escape the tourists and offered something different to the usual temple hop. Of course we enjoyed seeing the amazing Angkor Wat, Bayon temple & Ta Prohm (just to name a few) but the highlight for me was cruising around in Bun’s Jeep throughout the countryside of Siem Reap, soaking up real life Cambodia.   Bun is a loveable kind of guy, one who knows a lot about the history of his country and is passionate about a brighter future. We had many conversations about life in Cambodia as we drove around sharing smiles and waves with the Kmer people. It was a truly heart warming experience that I think about fondly especially now I am back home living out my day to day routine.   A massive thanks to Bun for showing us around and enriching our travel experience with your knowledge and all round awesome personality.

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