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About the garden Cho Lach ( Ben Tre )

Referring to Ben Tre , tourists often think of palm – trees characteristic associated with land the Mekong Delta . However, if you have a chance to visit Cho Lach District , visitors will actually surprised by not only here but also there are many coconut trees and other fruit and ornamental flowers , seedling abundance , diversity and unique .

Currently, Cho Lach – the land was dubbed the ” kingdom of fruits ” and ” flower path – the same tree ” is the destination attracts many tourists at home and abroad to visit.

From the city center Ben Tre , Ham Luong bridge and then along Highway 60 about 11km to the town of Mo Cay ( Mo Cay Nam district ) , continue along Highway 57 about 43km , visitors will come to Cho Lach District . Currently there are buses ( MST 08 ) TP . Ben Tre – Mo Cay Bac – Cho Lach – Khao fading ( Vinh Long ) is very convenient for tourists to Cho Lach 2 from the direction of Ben Tre and Vinh Long .

Cho Lach District, located on the narrowest portion of the top Minh islets , has a length of 22.5 km , width limited by two banks of the river Co Chien and Ham Luong with interlaced canals . Fertile soil , climate conditioning is the favorable natural factors help people here should cultivate the seedlings and fruit specialties of the Mekong Delta richest kind .

One of the places not to be missed by travelers to Cho Lach district is Cai Mon Orchard ( Vinh Thanh commune ) . Coming here , tourists will be attracted to the garden before ripe rambutan , blue strawberry garden , garden mangosteen , bon bon laden with the left chamber from root to tip , or the wooden orange , tangerine , grapefruit , obscure label both paths. Fruits here also includes mango , banana , toads , guava , soursop , jackfruit , star apple , sapodilla , Lekima , apple , papaya … Visitors can hand- picked to take the garden and enjoy the fruits are ripe delicious , the farmer heard the introduction and instructions on how to take care of each tree to get the fruit crops yield and quality of supply to the market of the country .

In addition to fruit , Cai Mon is also known as the land of many species of flowers including marigolds , paper , maximum flower , raspberry chrysanthemum , dahlia , carnation … , the same dozen roses ( pink velvet , pink lay- Thanks , Elizabeth rose , Korokit pink , pink yellow , red , pink, orange , pink … ) . Here there are all kinds of rare plants such as figs , si , indenture , boom slumped , scowling , apricot , purple nail steering , platelets example , Belgian contingent … and all kinds of ornamental leaves , such as pink buds , needles resource development , hyacinth bar , architecture lis , ornamental rule , golden apricot , particularly interesting form of ornamental deer, dragon , phoenix … very nice . Each year , Cai Mon village water supply for hundreds of flower varieties and types exported to many countries around the world such as South Korea , Singapore , Japan …

Stop in Vinh Thanh Commune , tourists have the opportunity to visit Cai Mon church – one of the old church ( built in 1872 ) the largest South , where religious activities more than 90 % of residents Vinh Thanh Commune . Cathedral bell tower of 9 floors , 56.5 m high with 6 bell foundry in France with a total weight of up to 4.000kg . Opposite the church is Cai Mon memorial scholar Truong Vinh Ky , one of the world-famous scientist of the 19th century , who said more than 20 foreign languages and 118 published works .

Go to Cho Lach District , tourists can visit many ecotourism – another attractive gardens such as tourist spots in the dunes Trinity Phu Da ( Vinh Binh ) with many branches laden orchards category ; In view of eco-tourism Industry ( Hung Khanh Trung B ) plants specialize in producing interesting shapes ; Lake eco-tourism spot Vu ( Phu Phung ) …

Tour Cho Lach garden more interesting if you’re standing on the monkey bridge curved scarlet sunset the horizon ; enjoy the special dishes in Ben Tre coconut thatch restaurants located along the canal or garden nestled in the cool of shade , propped melodious tunes ca tai tu sweet , deep ; experience the rural lifestyle , idyllic joining activities , people produce the same gentle , naive and extremely friendly and hospitable . When leaving, visitors do not forget to choose the souvenir is the specialty of coconut to send friends and relatives .

With the advantage of orchards , flower abundance , diversity and ecological landscape – attractive gardens , bearing deep Southern culture specific , Cho Lach commitment to our brand position and not only on the tourist map of Ben Tre , but also the southern region and the country . Go to Cho Lach to explore and enjoy the water garden lively , colorful , visitors will surely never forget this exciting journey .

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